There is a tremendous feeling of accomplishment resulting from converting your ideas into reality. The Technology Leaders Initiative is a unique curriculum which uses inventing and entrepreneurship to teach a range of academic and personal skills. Our exciting series of hands on workshops motivates 3rd – 12th grade students to achieve academically and explore new career paths. This site will guide you through the complete TLI curriculum with instructional videos, worksheets, tests and lesson guides. TLI makes it fun and easy to bring applied science, technology, engineering, mathematics, language arts and social studies to any classroom. Just sign in and let our streaming videos guide you through the TLI experience!

Teacher Channel

This is your one-stop portal to TLI’s hands-on multidisciplinary curriculum!  Enter this channel to access:

  • Workshop Videos
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  • How To Guides and More

Student Channel

Watch videos and be guided through the creation of your own invention projects! Enter this channel to:

  • See the Yaeger Bionic Arm and other inventions
  • Learn to build problem-solving inventions
  • Explore patents, running a company and more!